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Jackie Nowak Named WTS Woman to Watch; Adele Hall Recognized as Past President

Two of SRF’s Transit Planning experts, Jackie Nowak and Adele Hall, were honored at the 2024 WTS Minnesota Scholarships & Recognitions Reception.

Jackie Nowak, Transit Planning Lead, received the WTS Minnesota 2024 Woman to Watch Award. This competitive award recognizes entry to mid-level professionals who have made an impact on the transportation industry early in their career. Through her work, Jackie continues to distinguish herself from other young professionals in her field by demonstrating leadership and being a positive influence in the world of transit and transportation.

Jackie was nominated by fellow SRF Transit Planning Lead Matthew Stegeman for this prestigious recognition. In her five years with SRF, one of Jackie’s notable contributions has been in the development of SRF’s Equity in Access Framework (EAF), a customized approach to understand how transportation can bridge the gap between communities and essential everyday destinations.

Adele Hall, AICP, was also recognized as the Past President of the WTS Minnesota Board of Directors for her role as president in 2023. Adele has been at SRF for 11 years and has served on the WTS board for five years. She was recently promoted to Senior Project Director in Transit Planning.

Thank you, Jackie and Adele, for your passion and commitment to improving transit and transportation for all, and congratulations on your incredible achievements.

Adele Hall (center) and Jackie Nowak (second from right) were honored at the WTS MN Scholarships and Recognitions Reception on May 15, 2024. Transit planning teammates Matthew Stegeman, Joseph Kapper, and Ian Girardeau were on hand to support and celebrate Jackie and Adele’s achievements.