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Grant for Stormwater Reuse System in Eden Prairie Gets Approved

SRF’s Water Resources team recently assisted the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District and City of Eden Prairie in securing a grant to fund an innovative water harvesting and reuse system for the City’s Fire Station #2.  In June, the Metropolitan Council approved the grant, giving the green light to move the project forward.

As part of an initiative to reduce the City’s reliance on limited and sensitive groundwater and surface water resources, the project will retrofit the fire station with a rainwater collection system. Gutters, downspouts, a pre-filter, and pipes will be installed to convey rainwater to a 7,500-gallon storage tank. The tank will connect to plumbing and faucets within the fire station, and the water will be used for truck washing and tank filling as well as an irrigation system for surrounding plantings.