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SRF was a member of the consultant team for the Lake Nokomis Shoreline Restoration. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s goals were to restore the lakeshore with native and emergent vegetation and to fix eroded areas along the shoreline while maintaining public access. SRF analyzed the shoreline for wave attack and erosivity to design new stabilized shoreline, with soiled riprap with deep rooted vegetation and turf reinforcement mat and then developed the construction plans. The City of Minneapolis joined the project to make improvements to two badly eroded and exposed storm sewer outlets. SRF designed new outfalls that improved access, water quality, aesthetics, and future erosion potential. We also coordinated with several permitting agencies, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State Historical Preservation Office, and Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and presented at two community meetings.

Lake Nokomis Shoreline Restoration

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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