SRF has a rich history of implementing innovative technologies, and we are proud to be at the forefront of the next big change in transportation – the advent of Connected  Automated Vehicles (CAV).  SRF provides CAV consulting services to our clients, offering insight into the wide-ranging impacts of this emerging technology.  As the CAV industry gradually transitions from research exploration to deployment, we offer guidance on things that can be done now to prepare for CAV, such as making roadways CAV-ready and understanding the operational impacts that will be emerge in the years to come.

SRF is hosting Transportation, Technology and Trends (T3) forums presented by Minnesota Guidestar to explore various topics in the field of Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV) and beyond.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 26, 2019: Sneak Peak into FHWA 5-year CAV Plan
National Perspective on Roadway Automation Readiness: Insights from the Dialogue.

This forum’s featured speaker will be John Corbin, FHWA, along with updates from state and local perspectives.

Who should attend?

Transportation professionals from cities, counties, DOT, consulting firms, and industry groups

How can you participate?

  • Join our mailing list to receive invitations to future T3 Forums
  • Attend T3 forums from your desk or smartphone or at SRF’s Plymouth office
  • Access presentation materials and SRF podcasts of previous forums

Contact: Erik Minge, PE, Principal – Intelligent Transportation Systems, SRF