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SRF has performed contract administration and construction oversight on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Transportation for Traffic Management System (TMS) projects throughout the Twin Cities. These projects include the construction of TMS components, such as loop and non-intrusive detectors, dynamic message signs, CCTV cameras, ramp control signals, communication shelters, wireless communications, fiber optic communications, and power distribution systems. SRF provided day-to-day construction oversight and general project management. Throughout the project, we inspected the TMS construction to ensure adherence to construction plans, standard specifications, and special provisions. Our work also included:

  •  Reviewing project schedules.
  •  Reviewing shop drawings.
  •  Observing daily construction activities.
  •  Tracking quantities.
  •  Leading construction meetings.
  •  Preparing contractor pay vouchers.
  •  Ensuring labor compliance (DBE and prevailing wage).
  •  Maintaining project documentation.

SRF followed MnDOT contract administration procedures to ensure all standards were met and the project was properly managed and documented. By maintaining a positive relationship with MnDOT, contractors, and other project stakeholders, SRF enabled the successful completion of the TMS construction.

Minnesota Department of Transportation
Twin Cities, Minnesota
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