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How to use the Display Schedulers

The Crestron Display Schedulers are placed outside structured conference rooms and other spaces to provide an additional method to schedule and view room availability. Provided below are the basic instructions and information necessary to understand how to use and read these devices

Idle Screen 

The idle screen of each schedule display outside schedulable spaces will appear green when the room is currently available and red when currently reserved

Active Screen 

Pressing anywhere on the device’s screen will reveal the active screen. This view allows users to view and add new meetings (Ad Hoc or Scheduled meetings). The timeline provides the status of the room as shown above on the idle screen (Available/Reserved)

Create an Ad Hoc Meeting 

If the room is available and can be reserved (as indicated by the green “Available” text on the interface), an ad hoc meeting reservation may be created, click the “+” button to reserve to create the meeting. The New Meeting screen is displayed. Enter the Title, start and end time, and click Reserve now to create the meeting

Create a Scheduled Meeting

If the room is reserved (as indicated by the red “Reserved” text on the interface) or if a reservation needs to be created for later in the day, the room may be reserved for another available time slot, swipe through the scheduling timeline on the active screen to view the room’s available time slots for that day (represented as dark gray blocks). Then tap the time on the timeline when you find a desired timeslot. The New Meeting screen is displayed. Select the Title, start and end time, and click Reserve now to create the meeting

View Meeting Information

Swipe the timeline from right to left or left to right (horizontal orientation) or from bottom to top or top to bottom (vertical orientation) to view scheduling data from later or earlier in the day, respectively. The interface automatically moves back to the current time slot after a brief period of inactivity. Tap a reserved block to display a Meeting Details screen that shows the meeting subject, organizer, and attendees (if not set to private), the scheduled duration of the meeting, the room name, and a cross section of the timeline for when that meeting is scheduled to occur

Help Overlay Screen

By tapping the help button on the active screen, the screen will provide an overlay of useful information about the functionality on the screen. Follow the information provided to perform the desired action