Around the globe, the value of our groundwater resources are becoming more and more evident. This ancient resource is being extracted at an unsustainable rate for drinking water, commercial use, and crop irrigation – and in many locations groundwater quality is diminishing. An increased awareness of this issue has resulted in multiple initiatives to conserve groundwater for essential uses such as drinking. One of these innovative iniatives is to explore the replacement of groundwater with surface or rain water sources for non-potable uses such as irrigation, vehicle washing, tanker filling, toilet flushing, and commercial and industrial needs. Minnesota has developed targeted funding for projects that implement this type of surface or rain water harvesting and reuse.

SRF is on the cutting edge of technology, analysis, and design for water harvesting and reuse. We have analyzed and designed rainwater and surface water collection and reuse systems for various non-potable applications such as:

  • Turf irrigation
  • Vehicle washing
  • Water tanker filling
  • Toilet flushing

SRF can provide the following services related to rainwater and surface water harvesting and reuse:

  • Source water hydrologic and quantity modeling and analysis
  • Demand identification, quantification, modeling and analysis
  • Water filtration analysis and specification
  • Water quality needs analysis and specification of treatment sytems
  • Underground and above ground tank sizing and material selection
  • Economic and cost-benefit analysis
  • Owner, stakeholder, and public information coordination
  • Plumbing code review, adherence, and permitting
  • Water reuse pump system design
  • Prepackaged reuse system specification, vender selection, and coordination
  • Electrical and controls design
  • Construction drawings, specifications, and system integration
  • Bidding, vendor coordination, and scheduling
  • Construction administration and inspection
  • Commissioning of Water Harvesting and Reuse Systems
  • Identification of available grant funding and assistance with grant applications