SRF’s visualization services provide easy-to-understand analysis of designs, enhance collaboration among project team members, and enable decision-makers and stakeholders to make efficient and informed decisions with real-time knowledge. We use a wide range of visualization and design tools, such as interactive 3D environments, data-driven applications, renderings, animations, and augmented reality to promote efficiency, transparency, and collaboration. Our team of visualization experts select the tools that best fit the needs of each project.

Spanning the entire lifespan of a project, SRF’s visualization services delivers:

  • Increased communication
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased collaboration
  • Lower cost
  • Increased planning
  • Shorter schedules

Although visualization for civil infrastructure was once considered a luxury, today it is frequently required and expected by stakeholders who want to see and have a voice in how planned infrastructure will affect their future. Visualization is also a widely used tool throughout project lifecycles – planners, landscape architects, engineers, and designers use visualization during concept development, permitting, and design review and validation, sometimes before the public gets a glimpse of proposed designs.

SRF can provide visualization services for a project or as a standalone service to enhance public engagement campaigns. Our visualization staff have worked with federal, state, regional, and local agencies as well as private sector clients. This includes working with numerous state Departments of Transportation.

Recent Projects

I-94 & Manning Avenue Park & Ride 3D Model

Site renderings: Before and After
Drag the slider on the image.

Drag the slider on the image.