Many communities across the nation are trying to balance the negative impacts of train horn noise on sensitive neighborhoods while enhancing rail safety. Federal rules support quiet zones as a safe and effective solution to these issues. SRF is a nationally recognized leader in the study, design, and implementation of quiet zones. Our work involves helping local governments gain cooperation from railway companies for public safety and rail mitigation improvements. We offer creative solutions that minimize cost and increase safety. Our relationships with federal officials and railway companies help to implement successful projects for our clients.

SRF’s quiet zone experts offer:

  • A thorough understanding of the FRA quiet zone rule-making process and an excellent rapport with FRA officials.
  • Proven qualifications and credibility with the railroad industry.
  • A detailed understanding of FRA-accepted supplementary and alternative safety measures and their appropriate application in urban areas.
  • Effective citizen and stakeholder involvement techniques to gain public and private sector cooperation.
  • Documented abilities to design quiet zones that comply with federal, state, and railroad standards.
  • A holistic, context-sensitive view of quiet zones with ancillary skills in traffic operations, railscaping, grantsmanship, and public education that help officials improve corridor safety and aesthetics and secure the necessary implementation funding.

For more information on SRF’s quiet zone services, contact Andy Mielke.