SRF understands that planning organizations have the dual responsibilities of satisfying their core planning functions and introducing innovative solutions to address a myriad of metropolitan transportation issues. One of the newest methods to address the growing list of challenges is preparing SMART goals, objectives, and performance measures that evaluate sustainability, livability practices, system operation and management issues, and risk assessment. With a federal emphasis on performance measures,  metropolitan areas and state agencies are integrating and conducting performance measures as a key part of their planning activities.

Over the last 15 years, SRF has developed extensive experience in performance measures, including tracking asset conditions, maintenance and operations levels, corridor performance, and transit system performance. Performance measures are designed to serve as a benchmark to evaluate and quantify progress, increase accountability, and transparency. Our services include:

  • Identifying performance strategies and goals.
  • Assessing data availability and methodologies for performance measure development.
  • Developing baseline performance levels as well as initial performance targets.
  • Assessing financial budgets required to meet desired performance levels.
  • Assessing risks and outcomes based on various funding levels.
  • Evaluating performance trends based on historical information.
  • Benchmarking performance targets to national standards or peer groups.

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