New technologies (e.g., driverless cars, on demand car rental, and mobile applications) and a growing investment in multimodal solutions (e.g., high frequency transit service and pedestrian/bicycle amenities) are providing greater opportunities to efficiently move people, goods and services between destinations. As we embrace these new technologies and multimodal solutions, the parking industry is responding to a rapidly changing future. New approaches have included sustainable models that integrate parking with all modes of transportation, districtwide parking models, and flexible parking structures that accommodate driverless cars and the ability for adaptive re-use.

SRF is at the forefront of this revolution. Our parking design and planning practice has embraced a holistic approach in developing sustainable models that support innovative parking and mobility solutions. We believe that planning for a complete integration of parking, transit, pedestrians, bicycles, and shared travel technologies is the best strategy to establishing an effective and efficient system for mobility for businesses and communities.

Parking and Mobility Services

  • Parking Studies & Districtwide Plans
  • Multimodal and Transit Planning
  • Travel Demand Management Plans
  • Customized Parking Generation Models
  • Parking Management
  • Utilization and Turnover Counts
  • “Flexible” Parking Structure Design
  • Long Range Planning
  • Site Design