Projects often require professional real estate management services. SRF’s Real Estate Group includes experienced, committed, and enthusiastic professionals who approach every project in a cooperative manner. This approach is necessary when working with landowners, homeowners, business owners, and tenants.
SRF offers stand-alone, comprehensive real estate services, including appraisals, right of way acquisition, residential and commercial relocation, asset management, and assistance with the eminent domain process. Our clients include states, counties, cities, and private entities, such as utility companies. SRF’s reputation for carefully listening to property owner concerns ensures the highest possibility of a successful project outcome.

SRF’s real estate services include:

  • Project management
  • Title research
  • GIS property information services
  • Field surveys and parcel sketches
  • Legal descriptions
  • Appraisals and review appraisals
  • Document preparation for offers and conveyance
  • Negotiations
  • Relocation assistance for businesses and residences
  • Condemnation assistance
  • Foreclosure tracking and monitoring
  • Damage settlements
  • Land and asset management

If voluntary acquisition is impossible, SRF can also prepare the necessary parcel descriptions and other information required during the eminent domain process. All activities comply with the applicable requirements of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act.