The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against individuals on the basis of disability. Many agencies and municipalities maintain public facilities that must comply with ADA accessibility requirements. SRF has become a regional leader in performing compliance checks and accessibility assessments for a variety of public space infrastructure. SRF’s experts work with owners and facility managers to understand specific ADA requirements to insure compliance with this program. We offer services that help identify problem areas and recommend cost effective solutions for implementation. Additionally, SRF works with transit systems and human service organizations that provide transportation for people with disabilities to develop agency policies, FTA compliant paratransit plans, needs assessments, and service plans.

ADA services include the following:

  • Performing ADA compliance assessments of a variety of public facilities including buildings, parks, parking lots, sidewalks, trails, and transit facilities.
  • Assisting agencies by developing a customized self-evaluation program.
  • Preparing ADA transition plans.
  • Assisting agencies with ADA training and implementation.
  • Paratransit needs assessments, performance reviews, and coordination plans.
  • Transit service policy development.
  • Developing ADA training on National requirements, MnDOT Standards, and requirements for local agencies.
  • In-construction accessibility evaluations of buildings and facilities.

Project examples