Across the country, local and state agencies are striving to provide safe, practical access to streets for all: vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, freight, and transit. Many terms define this trend: Context Sensitive Design, Livable Communities, Complete Streets, and Community Based Street Design.
SRF has used these concepts to develop multimodal networks for many years. Our approach emphasizes connectivity within the transportation system. Through careful consideration of the project’s context, the user’s point of view, and the relationship to the existing and future system, SRF develops solutions that work for your community.

Our multimodal services include:

  • Bicycle planning
  • Pedestrian planning
  • ADA compliance
  • Community planning
  • Campus transportation planning
  • Street design
  • Streetscape and urban design
  • Bicycle and pedestrian facility design
  • Parking and Mobility Solutions
  • Transit corridors
  • Transit station area planning and design
  • Transit oriented development