Interchanges represent a significant portion of SRF’s overall highway design portfolio. We have developed interchanges for State Departments of Transportation and local agencies on a state facility. Our strong  on innovation, quality, and service in the development of interchanges places a premium on aesthetics, traffic operations, and proper geometrics to promote the long-term viability of this type of transportation facility. SRF’s projects include:

  • Standard diamonds
  • Folded diamonds
  • Single points
  • DDIs
  • Multi-level
  • Roundabout ramp terminals

In addition to design, SRF provides planning and analysis services for interchange projects:

  • Traffic simulation and capacity analysis (VISSIM, Synchro)
  • FHWA Interstate Access Justification Reports
  • FHWA Prelim. Operations and Engineering Reports
  • WisDOT Interchange Control Evaluations
  • Configuration/concept analysis and design
  • Corridor signal timing analysis through interchange terminals
  • Intersection control evaluations
  • NEPA environmental planning studies with interchanges
  • Diversion analysis with interchange reconstruction/rehabilitation