Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is any system used to collect, manage, display, and analyze spatial data and its associated non-spatial data. Virtually all non-abstract things (features) have a location, and those features, whether natural or man-made, have vast amounts of data about them, so, GIS can get very complex. Understanding and communicating the relationships between all of these spatial and non-spatial features is the job of the GIS professional with the help of a well-built GIS.

SRF employs experts that recognizes the value of GIS in planning and managing public infrastructure. Our team knows it is critical to have a complete understanding of the spatial relationship between human, natural, and built environments. Drawing from our experience in transportation, civil engineering, waters resources, asset management, planning and environmental science, along with our close relationships with local governments, we have established a comprehensive toolbox to help our clients with a wide range of GIS projects. SRF’s dedicated professional GIS staff support our GIS enterprise services and work closely with planners, designers, and engineers to deliver solutions by following GIS industry standards and using leading-edge technologies.

GIS Services

  • Mapping and Visualization  Custom map creation; Web map hosting and sharing; Web geo-data services for cross-platform consumption; Web geo-data creation and editing; Custom web map application development.
  • Data Management  Custom geo-data design, set-up, and administration; Geo-data creation and editing.
  • Analytics Geo-data analysis.
  • Monitoring Track, manage, and monitor fixed and mobile assets and resources in real time.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Two-way sharing of information with the public, partner agencies, or other external stakeholders.
  • Field Mobility Mobile data collection setup and hosting.
  • Design and Planning GIS project planning
  • Decision Support Combine data, metrics, and operational and analytical layers on a map or dashboard.
  • Sharing and Collaboration Web map hosting and sharing.



The SRF GIS Toolbox provides scalable services for projects of various size, type, and budget. The toolbox also expands SRF’s method of delivery for these types of services (online or local server hosted vs. hard copy or desktop versions).


SRF Senior GIS Analyst, Sharvari Sangle developed an interactive workshop as an introduction to ArcGIS online. Click the image below to get started.



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