SRF’s legislative assistance to local governments takes many forms. For example, SRF acts as staff for a number of highway corridor coalitions (e.g. multi-county or city organizations representing public/private interests along TH 52, TH 55, and TH 212 (shown above) in Minnesota). In this role, we provide timely information, offer legislative funding strategies, prepare educational materials, organize meetings at the congressional district and Washington D.C. levels, and assist with funding requests. Furthermore, SRF regularly assists local communities in developing congressional briefing materials that are used to inform elected leaders of greatly needed projects.

SRF’s knowledge and experience in advising our clients on congressional funding strategies and serving as congressional liaisons has resulted in our clients securing tens of millions of federal dollars needed to implement important projects. For example, SRF has assisted the TH 52 Partnership in securing over $400 million to improve safety and address mobility issues on the corridor.