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38th Street Station Area Transit Oriented Development Master Plan

The City of Minneapolis sought consultant assistance as it considered the future of the area served by the 38th Street station on the Hiawatha LRT Line.  SRF worked with City staff and a neighborhood-based steering committee to create a shared vision for the 38th Street station area, consistent with transit oriented development (TOD) planning principles.

The Station Area Master Plan identifies opportunities for enhancing the character, identity and economic vitality of the 38th Street LRT station area.  The work includes identifying locations, priorities and guidelines for new housing and services; improving the character of the area; and creating a “sense of place.”

The end result of the 38th Street process draws on public opinion, land use planning expertise and market-demand analysis to shape a master plan for future development that focuses on land use, development intensities, critical public investments and change sites.

38th St. Station Transit Oriented Development

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