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Marthand Nookala, PE

Vice President – Transportation, ITS/CAV, and Planning
Minneapolis, MN

Marthand leads SRF’s ITS (intelligent transportation systems), CAV (connected autonomous vehicle), traffic, transportation, and planning practices. A passion for using technology to provide efficiencies and safety solutions within transportation networks has driven Marthand’s 30-year history in the industry. He is a highly motivated, creative and energetic transportation program manager with experience in local, county, and state governments and the private sector.  Marthand previously worked for Hennepin County and MnDOT. He has served as co-chair of the Minnesota Guidestar Board of Directors and is currently a member of AASHTO’s Safety, Operations, and Maintenance Committee.

Some of Marthand’s professional highlights include:

  • Managed MnDOT’s ITS program and implemented ITS projects statewide.
  • Implemented Minnesota’s first HOT lane project: MnPASS.
  • Managed the North Star, Northern Lights Express, Central Corridor LRT, Southwest LRT, and Bottineau LRT projects for the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority.
  • Developed Minnesota’s first complete streets policy and guidelines.
  • Developed the first Hennepin County, Minnesota ITS strategic plan and started ITS project, first Emergency Operations Center, and new technology applications in both traffic and maintenance operations.
  • Managed MnDOT’s international program and developed partnerships with Russia, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.