Wisconsin Design On-Budget Live (DOBL)


The Wisconsin DOT’s Office of Asset Management was seeking methods and tools to more effectively manage projects and tracking performance measures so that projects were delivered on time and within budget while also facilitating documentation for compliance audits. SRF was retained to assist with this innovative effort.

Initial data was provided in the format of database dumps by WisDOT and processed by SRF and stored in a Microsoft SQL database. SRF developed interactive project management tools with asp.net and JavaScript and hosted on a Windows web server. We then developed a key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard using Tableau visualization software. Historical billing information, project set-up, and project update information, and state design delivery was included.

The interactive graphical web page and dashboard promotes active management by WisDOT project managers. In addition, the KPI dashboard provides a platform for department/region management to communicate with project managers on projects that are trending towards being noncompliant, over budget, and/or behind schedule.