WisDOT USH 51 Corridor Preservation Study

Dane & Columbia Counties, Wisconsin

WisDOT initiated a study to preserve the long-term usefulness of US 51 from County V/Grinde Road in DeForest to WIS 33 in Portage. US 51 is predominantly a north-south, two-lane roadway with at-grade public and private access. The project study length is approximately 22 miles through Dane and Columbia Counties. Approximately 3.5 miles of the study corridor are urban sections lying within the City of Portage. The corridor was divided into segments for analysis purposes based on the overall length of the study and the unique characteristics associated with each of the segments (urban/rural, road type, etc.).

SRF developed a long-range plan to manage and preserve the corridor. Increased traffic growth and land development prompted WisDOT to evaluate the need for future access modifications. The study outcome included recommendations to improve the safety and mobility of the entire corridor by evaluating land use, environmental, access, traffic, and other key roadway and area characteristics. SRF identified recommendations to extend the life of the existing roadway.