University of Minnesota Pleasant Street Reconstruction

Saint Paul, Minnesota

As part of a consultant team SRF provided drainage design services for the reconstruction of Pleasant Street, which is one of the gateways to the Twin Cities East Bank campus of the University of Minnesota. After conducting water quality and hydrologic/hydraulic  modeling (SWMM), SRF designed the stormwater management system for the project corridor, which gave the University an opportunity to incorporate a sustainable stormwater management system that mimics the natural hydrologic cycle and treats stormwater close to the source.

The stormwater management system consists of tree trenches, permeable pavement, and a bioretention basin to provide water quality treatment and reduce the rate and volume of stormwater runoff leaving the corridor. The system integrates stormwater best management practices with the tree and landscaping plans for the corridor. The project is designed to fit into the historic district, while providing sustainable stormwater management and enhancing the aesthetics of the existing area.

As part of this project, SRF also provided traffic modeling, traffic signal, electrical and ITS design services.


University of Minnesota – Twin Cities