Smith Avenue Transit Hub

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Redeveloping downtown Saint Paul involved many challenges, including traffic flow, transit service, and parking for existing and planned major sports and entertainment centers such as the Ordway Theatre, Saint Paul River Center, Science Museum of Minnesota, and Xcel Energy Center. Federal dollars were designated for a transit hub and parking ramp at Kellogg and West Seventh Street in the west end of downtown Saint Paul.

SRF also prepared a traffic circulation study, which looked at vehicular traffic, pedestrian flow, buses, signal control and access/egress in the area. SRF reviewed the existing street system, including the interstate access ramps adjacent to the transit hub site, and made recommendations on access to the area and circulation of traffic.

A pedestrian flow analysis was completed, and consideration was given to the effectiveness of a transit/HOV component, which would encourage peripheral parking and carpooling or destination-specific transit to the facilities.

SRF designed three traffic signals and developed new timing plans for a network of nine signals in the area around the transit hub and Xcel Energy Center.

SRF managed many elements of this complex project, including coordination with MnDOT and FHWA to obtain necessary environmental and design approvals.

CLIENT: City of St. Paul