SHRP 2 Pilot Testing of Reliability Data and Analytical Tools

Twin Cities, Minnesota

SRF teamed with the MnDOT to perform pilot testing and implementation of SHRP 2 reliability products.  SRF developed a travel time reliability monitoring system based on information provided in the SHRP 2 Project L02 guidance. This database system combined traffic and travel time data with records of various conditions – such as weather, crashes, incident, road work, and special events – to identify the causes and impacts of nonrecurring congestion. This information was summarized into useful results describing a highway’s travel time reliability performance using a range of tools, from pie charts of delay causes to cumulative density function curves, and statistical indices.

The SRF team presented the process and results of the pilot testing effort to a broad audience of potential stakeholders, tailoring presentation materials to provide the appropriate level of detail to each audience based on facility performance characteristics and stakeholder feedback and response.

Additional outputs have been added to the tool to help visualize reliability performance measures to ease the communication of study decisions made by relating to the user experience.  Findings from these efforts have been shared with a nationwide audience via peer exchange groups and educational webinars.

Minnesota Department of Transportation