MnDOT Statewide Highway Systems Operation Plan (2005 & 2012)

Minnesota, Minnesota

SRF assisted MnDOT on the Highway Systems Operations Plan (HSOP) Update. This performance-based plan is part of MnDOT’s family of investment plans and identifies strategies and a vision for managing key maintenance activities. SRF’s ability to organize and analyze data, provide a comprehensive well thought-out approach, and facilitate successful coordination among various groups has contributed to a successful planning process.

As part of this effort, SRF met with MnDOT work teams and maintenance staff in nine functional areas to gather background information on current maintenance activities, historic trends, current and projected performance, and strategies and best management practices (BMPs) for achieving improved efficiency and effectiveness. The goal behind this asset management study was to maximize the useful life of the infrastructure with sound maintenance policies and programs.
Plan implementation included developing a final report and an executive summary as well as the development of a presentation to the Project Management Team.