Minneapolis Transportation Infrastructure Study

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The City of Minneapolis Public Works Department retained SRF to analyze four critical infrastructure categories: pavement, bridges, traffic signals, and street lights. Our study efforts included:

  • Providing background information on existing conditions and current performance levels and funding trends.
  • Identifying key issues and infrastructure gaps.
  • Reviewing comparable peer city infrastructure performance.
  • Establishing Minneapolis performance measures and indicator methodologies.
  • Preparing alternative infrastructure performance scenarios (based on different funding levels) and identifying the impacts of each.
  • Analyzing financial options and evaluating the optimal resource allocation mix.
  • Providing a comprehensive set of recommendations and strategies to close identified performance and financial gaps.

SRF examined operational policies/baselines, determined inventory and performance gaps, established performance measures, defined alternative performance scenarios (baseline, strategic, ideal), ran financial/level of service forecasts for each scenario and recommended the optimal resource allocation for each category.

The recommendations considered each strategy’s contribution in meeting performance outcomes/policies, cost-effectiveness, and trade-offs among capital and operational investments. Furthermore, we reviewed current CIP/financing methods, identified forecasted funding shortfalls, researched new and innovative funding options and their applicability, and presented programs most suitable to address the City’s infrastructure funding gaps.

This comprehensive analysis was compiled into a report for use by senior staff. A policy-based report was presented to the City Transportation and Public Works Committee to foster elected leader understanding of critical infrastructure issues, needs, opportunities, and recommendations, which inform budget and policy directions. As a result of this study, the City Council approved a $45 million, five-year accelerated paving program to address critical system preservation needs.

After recognizing the value of the infrastructure study, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board requested that SRF analyze their infrastructure needs.

CLIENT: City of Minneapolis