McKenzie County Comprehensive Plan

McKenzie County, North Dakota

In 2016, SRF worked with McKenzie County to develop an update to the county’s comprehensive plan. An update to the plan gained traction due to the historical divide between existing development and what was shown on the proceeding comprehensive plan’s land use map. More specifically, many areas designated as agriculture throughout the county were being subdivided and developed for industrial, commercial, and residential growth. Updates to the comprehensive plan consisted of the following:

  • Existing Conditions Assessment Profile
  • Growth Opportunities and Constraints Analysis
  • Population, Housing, and Employment Projections
  • Future Land Use Plan Development
  • Public Feedback
  • Goals and Objectives for Plan Elements
  • Implementation Actions

Structure of the final plan was devised for straightforward use by decision makers, staff, and the public. The main document of the plan was outlined by Plan Elements to provide for faster reference by a reader. The comprehensive plan identified numerous objectives and implementation actions for key issues in the county including orderly growth, workforce housing, and preservation of agricultural resources. Following completion, the comprehensive plan update was adopted in June 2016.

Client: McKenzie County