Fargo Main Avenue Reconstruction

Fargo, North Dakota

SRF was selected by the North Dakota Department of Transportation to prepare project scoping, environmental documentation, preliminary and final design, and engineer of record services for the reconstruction of Main Avenue (US Hwy 10) from University Drive to 2nd Street in the City of Fargo.  The purpose of this project is to mitigate identified system deficiencies, safety issues, and capacity constraints to create a safe and efficient transportation corridor that supports regional and local traffic needs while also providing a welcoming, comfortable pedestrian environment. This project is currently underway and consists of full replacement of the street section and underground utilities. The existing character of the corridor was documented and packaged into a booklet with streetscape design recommendations that best align with new City of Fargo downtown standards and that support the Governor’s North Dakota Main Street Initiative. Multiple street section scenarios are currently being studied along with traffic studies and a market analysis to best analyze the corridor and determine priorities.  Right of way is extremely limited but the design team is creating opportunities to create a functional, efficient and beautiful corridor. For example, the “greening” of Main Avenue can occur with the inclusion of structural soils in connected tree trenches which can double as an effective means for stormwater infiltration.  Costing and realistic modeling of the corridor is being done during the design process to help policy makers weigh the options and make informed decisions about the future of Main Avenue.

Fargo Main Ave Reconstruction: Hybrid Option Visualization from SRF Consulting Group on Vimeo.