Killdeer Planning & Zoning Technical Assistance

Killdeer, North Dakota

SRF is providing the City of Killdeer with support for all of the City’s planning and zoning issues. Currently facing tremendous growth pressure as a result of the Bakken oil industry, various types of residential, commercial, and industrial development proposals are dealt with on a continuous basis. SRF serves in the role of planning and zoning staff for the City, helping to guide applicants through the development review process, preparing staff reports for the Planning and Zoning Commission, and presenting staff recommendations at each hearing. SRF coordinates with City staff and engineers to ensure development is not only processed in an orderly manner, but is also implemented efficiently.

Faced with new types of development and proposals of a wide scale and density, SRF provides recommended code amendments that help the City realize its long-term vision to maintain existing assets while managing growth.

CLIENT: City of Killdeer