Huntington Pointe Project Relocation Services

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

The Economic Development Agency (EDA) of Brooklyn Park acquired a multi-tenant residential property consisting of 306 one-bedroom apartment units, which equates to about 300 families. The nine buildings were to be demolished and the area redeveloped.

SRF worked with the EDA to provide all of the relocation benefits and services as required by federal and state law. These services included assisting the displacees to identify eligible relocation benefits. The required advisory services provided by SRF included determining the relocation needs and preferences of each family to be displaced; and explaining the relocation payments and other assistance for which they may be eligible, eligibility requirements, and procedures for obtaining assistance. This process included a personal interview with each family.

Relocation activities were coordinated with the EDA and other interested agencies to ensure that, to the extent feasible, persons displaced receive consistent treatment and the duplication of functions was minimized.

CLIENT: Brooklyn Park Economic Development Agency