Fargo-Moorhead Council of Governments Travel Demand Model Review

Fargo, North Dakota & Moorhead, Minnesota


The Fargo-Moorhead Council of Governments (Metro COG) retained SFR to provide a third-party review of their new travel demands models, which were being developed by the Advanced Transportation Analysis Center (ATAC) of North Dakota State University. The models were being developed in support of a revised long-range transportation plan, to reflect available 2000 U.S. Census data and to take advantage of recent advances in travel forecasting software (the TP+/VIPER/CUBE system from Citilabs, Inc.)

SRF met with Metro COG and ATAC and discussed possible problems in the model structure and logic as well as illogical results obtained during initial model forecasts. Following the meeting, SRF provided a report to the Technical Advisory Committee of Metro COG consisting of a comparison of the model to current modeling practices elsewhere, problems found in the proposed model, short-term solutions to those problems, and mid-term or long-term improvements Metro COG should consider for their forecast modeling program. The improvements included the desirability of local origin-destination and/or household travel surveys to ensure that the forecast models reflect local conditions rather than national averages.

CLIENT: The Fargo-Moorhead Council of Governments