East Grand Forks 2045 Land Use Plan

East Grand Forks, Minnesota

SRF completed the East Grand Forks 2045 Land Use Plan in cooperation with the Grand Forks-East Grand Forks Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the City of East Grand Forks. The eleven month planning process was guided by a steering committee of local officials and city staff and included multiple public input opportunities.

The 2045 Land Use Plan was developed to set a future vision for the city while providing a variety of tools for residents, developers, city staff, and elected officials. These tools included population projections, a future land use plan, a development phasing plan, area concept plans, and an implementation plan.

Future land uses within the urban core and new fringe areas were defined in the plan. New land uses, such as mixed-use, were added to the plan as a new mechanism for growth within the City. Focus was placed on infill development throughout the urban core, with the goal of increasing density and better use of the land with access to existing services.

Three area concept plans were developed as part of the 2045 Land Use Plan to demonstrate how the goals, policies, and strategies outlined within the plan could be used within future development proposals. The area concept plans serve as a tool to be referenced in discussions between city staff and potential developers/property owners.

The implementation plan includes a comprehensive list of action steps that respond to the goals and polices of the plan. Measures cover a variety of topics from diverse housing options to zoning updates to access to multimodal transportation, including transit. This plan assists the city in planning for the future and will help to inform other planning documents such as the Long Range Transportation Plan.

CLIENT:  Grand Forks-East Grand Forks Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the City of East Grand Forks