Dane County Fiber Optic Deployment

Dane County, Wisconsin

SRF was selected to lead the Dane County Fiber Optic Deployment to bring reliable and robust communications to Dane County facilities throughout the Madison Metropolitan area such as the Henry Vilas Zoo, Badger Prairie Health Care Center, East District Campus, Dane County Highway Administration, and Dane County Job Center. For each of these deployments, SRF performed preliminary and final design, network design, utility coordination, permitting, and construction administration and oversight.

SRF worked closely with Dane County Information Technology staff to identify facilities that warranted fiber optic communications. SRF then collaborated with the Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network (MUFN) to determine fiber optic networking options, develop conceptual layouts, and prepare preliminary cost estimates. The project team then met to prioritize the fiber optic deployments before moving into final design.

As part of the final design, SRF prepared all bid and construction documents including plans, detail drawings, communication schematics, special provisions, quantities, and engineer’s estimate.  Throughout this process, SRF worked with the City of Madison and MUFN to ensure the fiber optic deployment was built to regional standards and would be interoperable with the existing fiber optic network.  With this partnership, Dane County paid for the design and construction while the City of Madison took over ownership and maintenance of the facilities, allowing both agencies to use the expanded fiber optic network while sharing costs.

SRF oversaw the construction of the fiber optic facilities and also performed project engineer duties such as permitting, shop drawing review, and fiber optic testing coordination. Upon completion of construction, SRF worked with Dane County, the City of Madison, and MUFN to ensure the fiber optic network performed as expected and was fully documented to facilitate ongoing maintenance and operations.

Client: Dane County