Clear Roads Plug and Play Initiative


The Clear Roads Consortium set the stage for Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) deployment with a breakthrough collaborative effort to establish standard protocols for in-cab electronics. The Plug-and-Play Performance Specifications and Communications Protocol provides interoperability between equipment from multiple vendors and agency data management systems. This effort provides the foundation for standardized CAV deployments for years to come.

SRF researched and recommended the protocols and interoperability methods in Phase 2 of the Plug-and-Play Initiative. These elements enable data sharing in applications such as automatic vehicle location and equipment status monitoring. Maintenance supervisors will have access to plow status, chemical application rates, road condition data and a variety of other information from multiple manufacturer’s systems without complex and costly data import-export processes.

To develop these recommendations, SRF performed an extensive literature search across a broad domain of related topics, including documenting individual, proprietary protocols, on-vehicle data networking, data payload types and sizes, system reliability and implementation costs. Future applications such as real-time video transmission and V2X sensor telemetry were also included in the Phase 2 effort. By developing standardized communications on the vehicle, the path for communications between vehicles and other devices is enabled.