City of Saint Paul Complete Streets

Saint Paul, Minnesota

After adopting a complete streets policy in 2009, the City of Saint Paul has started implementing its vision of designing and constructing streets that are accessible to street users of all ages and abilities including motorists, freight-haulers, transit users, bicyclists, and pedestrians. SRF Consulting Group is a member of the consulting team currently developing a street design manual for the City that integrates the complete streets philosophy into the City’s street design process. The manual will provide street design standards and guidance while serving as an educational tool to assist both City staff and community stakeholders interested in learning about the various design considerations that must be evaluated and balanced when designing a street. A valuable resource to the community, this internet-based manual will help integrate the complete streets approach into daily city operations. In addition to assisting in developing the manual, SRF has led several pilot workshops throughout Saint Paul to test the draft manual on real city projects. SRF has also assisted the City in developing a community engagement process that uses the manual to educate community stakeholders and facilitate community input that results in a productive exchange of information regarding technical design requirements and community visions, values, and desires.

CLIENT: City of St. Paul