Carver County Performance Measures

Carver County, Minnesota

SRF has assisted Carver County in developing a project prioritization tool that uses performance based measures. This innovative tool was created to help prioritize system needs and link those needs to the County’s Roadway System Plan (RSP). More importantly, the tool is intended to help inform policy makers when preparing the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and programming critical transportation needs.

In essence, the tool ranks and scores over 200 roadway segments to determine their significance within the County system. The scoring is based on twenty performance measures (see sidebar), which address a wide-range of transportation elements. The end result is a cumulative score for each roadway segment – the higher the score, the higher the priority. In turn, this project prioritization list gives County staff the ability to communicate project needs to elected leaders, residents and stakeholders.

Additionally, the tool offers a variety of unique features, including a user friendly interface that allows County staff to adjust scoring criteria and filter scores based on selected performance measures. For example, County staff may only want to assess the number of roadways experiencing safety issues and high volume/capacity ratios. In addition to these features, the interface is also directly linked to a Geographical Information System (GIS), giving the end user the ability to instantly map results for visual presentations.

Carver County Project Prioritization Measures include:

  • Critical Crash Rates
  • High Risk Safety Areas
  • Existing and Future Volume/Capacity Ratios
  • 2030 Average Daily Traffic Volumes
  • Functional Classification Designations
  • Overcoming Physical and Natural Barriers
  • Connecting Economic Growth Areas
  • Future System Continuity
  • Intermodal Facility Connections
  • Connecting Employment Center Areas
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Crashes
  • Existing and Proposed Trail Connections
  • Proximity to Schools
  • Proximity to Park-n-Rides
  • Project Readiness
  • Agency/Community Support
  • Funding Availability
  • Pavement Quality
  • Freight Connections

Carver County, MN