Capx2020 Transmission Lines

Fargo to St. Cloud to Monticello, Minnesota

In response to the growing need for electricity in Minnesota and the surrounding region, 11 utility companies started a joint initiative to expand the reach of their services in the area. The CapX2020 initiative has proposed four new transmission lines that will improve electrical capacity in the region as population, home sizes, and appliance and electronic device usage continue to increase.

SRF, teaming with another firm, was selected to perform real estate acquisition services for the 345 Kv transmission-development project on the 250-mile Fargo-St. Cloud-Monticello segment, the largest of the four new lines. This transmission segment will improve electrical service around Fargo, Alexandria, St. Cloud, and in the southern Red River Valley.

Approaching the Fargo-St. Cloud-Monticello segment of CapX2020 with respect for landowner concerns, SRF’s team negotiated with landowners to grant easements for transmission line improvements across their property. The team has completed the first phase of the project (Monticello to St. Cloud) that consisted of the acquisition of 179 parcels (112 unique property owners).

SRF is also providing relocation services to the project for the buy-the-farm property owners. This includes the implementation of the Uniform Relocation Act and state statutes to complete relocation efforts. Furthermore, SRF is providing property management services to the project.  Our day-to-day activities include monitoring properties and resale efforts.

In addition to providing increased electrical service, the CapX2020 transmission lines will help Minnesota’s utilities to acquire 25 percent of their electricity from renewable energy by 2025, as required by the state’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES).

SRF’s GIS team compiled property ownership information lists from 17 counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin for CapX. Our familiarity with the project, experience working with the CapX partners, and work on several energy development projects helped us coordinate effectively with all stakeholders.

CLIENT:  Capx2020