50th Avenue Northwest Reconstruction

Rochester, Minnesota

The City of Rochester retained SRF to perform the preliminary and final design elements for a roundabout along 50th Avenue at Badger Hills Drive. A four-lane divided roadway, 50th Avenue intersects Badger Hills Drive at the crest of a vertical curve. SRF’s services included conceptual design, roundabout justification reports, and final plans for construction.

Since 50th Avenue is a four-lane roadway and Badger Hills Drive is a two-lane roadway, the geometry and pavement markings delineating vehicular pathways through the roundabout were particularly challenging. SRF coordinated with MnDOT Geometric Design Support Unit staff to set the final geometric features and pavement markings for this multi-lane roundabout.

Due to the roundabout’s location at the crest of the vertical curve, verification of sightlines through the roundabout was challenging. Adequate sight distance from all directions was verified to ensure a safe design. Appropriate planting choices inside the center of the roundabout were also identified to maintain sightlines while providing visual cues to drivers approaching the roundabout. Stamped concrete and brick pavers were selected to improve aesthetics and provide delineation for traffic.

CLIENT: City of Rochester