I-494/Hwy 62 Congestion Relief Study

Twin Cities, Minnesota

SRF Consulting recently assisted the Minnesota Department of Transportation with the I-494/Highway 62 Congestion Relief Study. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of MnPASS high occupancy/ toll express lanes and lower-cost spot mobility improvements to relieve congestion along these parallel principal arterial facilities in the Twin Cities region. The extensive evaluation of travel demand, traffic operations, geometric design, and economic evaluation, will result in recommended improvements will laid out in a series of implementable phases.

Located just two miles apart and serving major employment centers and the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, there is significant interplay between these corridors to serve regional and local passenger and freight movements. To fully understand this, the study began with an early focus on existing travel patterns available through big data provided by INRIX. The team reviewed, filtered, and QA/QC’d these massive datasets (>10 GB), and assembled them into a database structure along with representations of the region including transportation analysis zones (TAZ) and the highway network.

This allowed for the development of route choice illustrations along the two corridors, and the ability to quantify specific patterns passing through individual corridor segments. Further, these records were used to calibrate and validate the multi-resolution modeling tools including macroscopic (CUBE),  and mesoscopic (DynusT) models.