Hennepin County 2015-2018 Multi-Corridor Signal Timing Optimization Projects

Twin Cities, Minnesota

From 2015 to 2018, SRF was hired by Hennepin County to optimize the traffic signal operations for more than 40 intersections over six corridors per year. The goal of this project was to improve efficiency and safety by improving mainline progression and travel times while minimizing stops and overall intersection delay.

The project corridors were primarily four-lane suburban arterials, with one segment of six-lane arterial. Average daily traffic volumes on the corridors ranged from 6,000 to over 30,000. To complete the project, SRF, along with the help of a subconsultant, collected data, prepared, and calibrated Synchro/SimTraffic models of existing traffic operations for each corridor, developed optimized timing plans, and finally implemented and fine-tuned the optimized timing plans in the field. SRF met with the County four times over the course of the project to provide status updates, ask questions, and gather input.

To gauge the benefit of the optimized timing plans, Synchro/SimTraffic model outputs from the Before and After scenarios were compared. Field-collected travel time data was also analyzed. The optimized timing plans yielded a large reduction in delay and stops, a slight improvement in fuel consumption, and moderate reduction in emissions. Comparing these benefits in dollar terms to the cost of implementation, the project delivered a one-year benefit-cost ratio of 72:1.

SRF continues to assist the County with signal timing optimization efforts.


Hennepin County, Minnesota