As SRF’s Division Lead – Marketing, Beth manages business development and marketing efforts. She has more than 30 years of planning experience, including transit planning, land use planning, environmental documentation preparation, and cultural resource planning. Beth manages and participates in a wide range of planning activities, including master plan preparation, corridor management plans, redevelopment studies and community visioning exercises. In addition, she has worked extensively in cultural resource planning. She is highly regarded for her ability to manage complex and controversial issues and facilitate public and agency communication to achieve consensus.

Her environmental experience includes preparing NEPA Environmental Documentation (EIS, EA and Categorical Exclusion) for FHWA, FTA and FRA in addition to Section 4(f) reviews, Section 6(f) documentation and Section 106 reports. She has also prepared documents under both Minnesota and Wisconsin environmental rules.

Beth’s recent projects include:

  • Ramsey County Rush Line BRT Environmental Analysis, Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • City of Rochester Destination Medical Center Transportation and Infrastructure Program Management, Minnesota
  • Washington County Gateway Corridor (Gold Line BRT) DEIS, Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • Metropolitan Council Bottineau Transitway (Blue Line LRT Extension) DEIS, Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • Metropolitan Council Central Corridor LRT (Green Line) Supplemental EIS, Minneapolis to Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • US Bank Stadium (Minnesota Vikings) EIS, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Northern Lights Express High Speed Passenger Rail Environmental Assessment, Twin Cities to Duluth, Minnesota

P: 763.249.6792


Areas of Expertise:

  • Project Leadership/Project Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Environmental Documentation (NEPA, MEPA, WEPA and Related Federal and State Reviews)
  • Cultural Resource Planning and Section 106 Reviews
  • Transit Corridor Planning (Alternative Analysis, NEPA)
  • Station Area Planning and Transit Oriented Development
  • Land Use Planning
  • Team Development