To be successful in your career, SRF recognizes the importance of continued growth and development within your profession.  SRF promotes the active engagement of our employees at conferences and seminars by paying 100 percent of the cost if it is required to maintain job skills, improve performance, or maintain a license. Examples of conferences that our employees attend include:

  • Rail-Volution
  • National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)
  • Midwestern/Great Lakes ITE Conference
  • Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO)
  • American Planning Association – Minnesota Planners Conference
  • North Dakota League of Cities Annual Conference
  • Minnesota Water Resources Conference

    Adele – 
    Senior Associate | Transit

    Serving in a leadership role of an organization has provided me with so many great learning and networking opportunities to enhance my career. Through monthly events I’ve connected with colleagues, learned about potential projects in the industry, have been able to reflect on things like communication styles and career moves, and on top of that, had a lot of fun!